Climbing to freedom


When you’re driving around in the Joshua Tree park all you see around you are trees, cacti and rocks. A lot of rocks. When arriving there all I could think about was that I really wanted to climb on those rocks and get views that were even more amazing than the views we had from the ground. My friend Coline and I decided to climb all the way up and the view didn’t disappoint at all. Even though it’s pretty dangerous to climb there and even though there is so much risk to fall or to hurt yourself, we did pretty well and the views were amazing. I got some scratches on my hands and knees during the climb, but I had my adventurous moment and I felt free on there, FREE! 😉

I saw amazing things as I was standing there and I was thinking how happy I am to be living in California and to be able to travel around with amazing people. I’m living the life guys and I couldn’t have been happier!

What does it take for you to realize that you’re in a really happy place? Did you ever go to a place that suddenly made you realize how lucky you are to be experiencing a certain moment in your life? Let me know in the comments below!


DSC_1888DSC_1830 DSC_1828DSC_1834 DSC_1887 DSC_1833

15 thoughts on “Climbing to freedom

  1. Emilio Pasquale says:

    The area of Joshua where you were looks totally different from where we were. We came in from the north, near Baker. It just seemed like another world. Looks like you guys had fun. Some great photos! What area did you enter from? I’d love to see that canyon.

    • juliecrombe says:

      I wish I would have camped there! That’s definitely something that’s on my to do list! The park is gorgeous and they even have barbecues and everything, so it’s really a perfect camping spot!

  2. cerikson says:

    These are some great pictures!

    I haven’t been rock climbing in Joshua Tree in several years, but from what I remember it is a lot of fun! And, it is obvious that it was for you, as well.

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