Review: Healthy Surprise Subscription Box


A little more than a month ago I received my first Healthy Surprise box and I loved it! This subscription box was full of healthy snacks. All the snacks are gluten free, natural, wheat free, corn free and plant based. Unlike other subscription boxes, Healthy Surprise provides you with full size snacks.

I’m a chips lover and this box actually offered 3 kinds of healthy chips. I already had plantain chips before and I’m a fan, so that was great. The rice and bean chips were new to me. I loved everything about them! The were really filling, tasteful and a perfect snack. Vegetable chips are something really common here in the US. I pretty much taste like the regular potato chips, but are a little healthier. I think they contain less salt too.

Something else that I found really interesting was the kale that was covered in chocolate. Kale is a really healthy vegetable, but lots of people don’t like it at all. When it’s covered in chocolate it gives this vegetable a whole other dimension. It’s the kind of thing that you eat as a snack while watching tv. It’s really filling, so the bag will last you for a while.

The last thing that I really loved about this box was the little package in the right corner. This was a mix of dried fried and chocolate chips. I loved the flavor and I think this is the perfect snack for working people or college students. It comes in a little pack and you can just put it in your purse and eat it as a snack between classes/work. It tastes pretty sweet, but you can tell that it’s healthy and nutritional.

What would be your favorite item from this box? Have you ever tried one of the items you see in the picture below? Would you be interested in purchasing this box? (I highly recommend you to try it out!). For all the chocolate lovers among you, I have good news too. Healthy surprise does not only have the healthy snack box, they also offer a chocolate subscription box! It’s really tempting to try that one out too! 😉


DSC_0953 DSC_0932DSC_0955 DSC_0929

13 thoughts on “Review: Healthy Surprise Subscription Box

  1. Nanny Shecando says:

    They pack a lot of goodies into those boxes!
    Just a little blogger question, are you doing these reviews as paid reviews from the companies or just for your own benefit? Just curious.

    • juliecrombe says:

      Well, do you like this box? You should definitely try it! The healthy snacks in this box don’t taste too healthy, but they are pretty good for your body and all natural!

  2. Rachelle says:

    Perfect surprise treat for my gluten-free 9 year old daughter! She often feels left out of events and even dining out at times so this wld be fun to try new things!

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