Running favorites


Hi guys! It’s time for a running post again! I was running the other day and I realized that I never before shared my running essentials with you guys. The items pictures above are my current favorites. Keep reading to know what precisely everything is and why I love them!

1. Arnicare Cream & Gel

Did you ever experience the moment in your run that you feel pain in your legs, but you just keep on running because you want to reach your goal? Whenever I run more than 6 miles, I’m really sore the next day and I’m often in pain too. The Arnicare products help me to relieve the pain and to make me feel better. I mostly put on the gel right after the workout and I use a little cream before I go to bed. That way I feel great the next day.


2. Nike ID

I customized my own Nike shoes a couple of months ago. I love the combination of white and yellow. As you can see, my name is written on the shoes.


3. Natura health products

Amino-Max  aids anabolic metabolism and builds cellular. Power adapt builds core energy and protects you against stress. Botanabol builds strength and endurance and promotes anabolic metabolism. I love to take these products right before my big runs and I can really feel that running becomes easier. In a couple of weeks I’ll post a full review on those products and how they affected my work outs.


4. Gaiam Fitplan

I use this diary to write down all the distances I run and the food I eat. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up and to write everything down, but it’s a perfect way to reflect on what you’re doing to your body. I’m currently taking a nutrition class and I’m trying to be more conscious about the ‘crap’ that we tend to fuel our body with. When you write down what you eat, you realize what you shouldn’t have eaten and what was actually a great thing to eat. Thanks to this diary, I find myself checking out the food labels more often too and I find myself looking for healthier alternatives for the usual food I’m having.

FIT TIP: If you’re looking for fit motivation and cool fitness and yoga related tweets, be sure to check out this brand’s Twitter and Facebook.

5. Frends Headphones

I love how fashionable these golden/white headphones look. The sound they produce is great and they feel great on my head and ears!

6. Champion, The Marathon Sports bra

As I am a girl with a bigger bra size, it’s always hard for me to find the right sports bra. A lot of sport bras that are offered doesn’t have enough support at all. I think it’s extremely important to wear a good bra at all times. I usually wear quite expensive bras, because at least I know that when I buy them at a specialized lingerie store, they will fit perfectly, because the professionals who work at the store know what they are dealing with. Anyway, I have had lots of sports bras that costed me a lot of money, but that don’t keep everything in place. After trying the Champion Marathon Sports Bra, I felt like I finally found the perfect running bra. It literally stops everything from moving. It’s my favorite piece of the moment and I love the colors it comes in. I ran 11 miles, wearing this bra, and I didn’t feel anything going out of place even once. I’m so satisfied to have finally found the perfect sports bra for the women with a bigger bra size! AMAZING!


7. Quest Protein Bar

Quest bars are protein bars that help you lose fat and build muscle when you combine them in a lifestyle in which you both eat clean and work out. They come in lots of different tastes, so there will be for sure some that you will LOVE. I like to both eat them just like that or to use them in a recipe. I used them in my little cheesecake bites in one of my previous posts as some of you probably read already. Check out their Instagram to find more delicious recipe ideas. If you’re not quite sure which quest bars to buy, I advise you to go for the variety pack, which will get you 12 different flavors!


8. Fitletic Hydration Belt

It’s so important to stay hydrated at all times! I used to run with my phone in one hand and a water bottle in the other hand, but when I started running more than 6 miles, I decided that I something had to change. It was too heavy to have a bottle in my hands for an hour. I had already seen lots of people running with a running belt, so I started doing research on those. After consulting many websites, I stumbled upon Fitletic and I was immediately sold. I needed one of their fabulous running belts. They offer high-quality running belts and arm bands to put your phone in while running. You can chose the size of the little water bottles that come with the belt too, which is great. I love how comfortable this belt fits! It also comes with a little pocket to put your phone, ID or some money in.


3 thoughts on “Running favorites

  1. dawnkealing says:

    Well, I can see someone like yellow and white! ^_^

    How is it just from reading this post it made me want to get up and go running? I love how you got your shoes customized with your name on them! How did you manage that? 😀

    I like to treat myself sometimes with workout supplies, it makes me excited to get back out there and work harder. (it sounds like I bribe myself, haha. :P) Your equipment looks really helpful, I may have to take a look at some running belts. 🙂 Great post!!

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