3-day juice cleanse by Jus by Julie


Just like for a lot of girls and women, it’s really hard for me to lose weight and to obtain the weight I have. I usually don’t really care about the number, but if I weigh in every once in a while and the number is really high, that’s a real disappointment for me. I work out a lot, which means I need a lot of food, so I stopped doing crash diets months ago, because they never help me anyway. I believe that changing your eating pattern helps way better to actually reach your goal weight.

On May 10th I’m running my first half marathon, and I felt like I was gaining so much weight lately and I was losing my motivation to really go for it. I just came back from a late birthday weekend with cake and cookies, and I loved it, but it just isn’t good for my body. I’ve been wanting to try a juice cleanse for a while now and after I read about Jus by Julie, I thought it would be the perfect occasion to start over with a clean body, great workouts and great self-confidence.

The juices that Jus by Julie offers are delicious and so nutritional. For the cleanse you basically drink 6 juices a day, so I drank one every 3 hours. My absolutely favorite juices were the Not So Chunky one, the Chia Berry one, the Sweet Spin one and the Spicy Lemonade.

I started the first day of my cleanse off with a 6 mile run and then started drinking my juices. I felt great in the morning but around 4 I really started feeling weak and unenergized. That night I decided to make some steamed vegetables as this is allowed in the cleanse and I instantly felt better. The people of the company always tell you to listen to your body and that’s why I did that.

The second day I didn’t work out. I felt really energized and I didn’t have to eat anything that day.

On the third day I ran 4 miles in the morning and since I have a 1h15 weight lifting class on Wednesday, I decided to have some vegetables for lunch, because I needed the extra energy in order to get results in the class.

I lost a total of 6.6 pounds (which is about 3 kg) in 3 days, which I didn’t expect, but which at the same time made me feel amazing. I don’t feel bloated and I’m super motivated to keep living a healthy lifestyle and to work out as much as possible in order to run the half marathon in a good time!

I have good news for all of you who are interested in trying out a Jus by Julie cleanse. They provided me with a promo code for 15% off every order. Just use JUS4FRIENDS at the checkout. The company ships to the whole US. I really recommend you guys to try out this cleanse, as it’s really effective and as it makes you feel great inside and out.

I believe that a juice cleanse is something great for your body. I really enjoyed doing it, but I’m also so happy that I can just eat (clean) again now. It’s pretty hard to go from eating a lot to eating nothing at all.

Did you ever try a juice cleanse? What was your experience? Did you work out during your cleanse? Did I motivate you to start a cleanse? Let me know in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “3-day juice cleanse by Jus by Julie

  1. fiona155 says:

    Hey Julie, this is great. I am really thinking about trying this out. After Christmas I felt I needed to clean my body as well and I did some therapeutic fasting for 7 days, being my first time to do it ever. It was really hard the first days as you are only allowed to have water, one glass of juice, certain teas, and a glass of vegetable consomme per day, with the method I tried . I was really tired the second day, even having circulation problems, but after 7 days I felt so much better. I had more energy and could concentrate better on things. Loosing wait was just a nice by-product I would say 😉

  2. andy1076 says:

    The juice diet / supplement is really picking up pace, There are a couple of guys who run their little juice on wheels business called ‘ The juice truck’ and they essentially designed their own version of the diet too 🙂

  3. worldwidestylista says:

    I’ve been meaning to do a cleanse also but haven’t been able to find the time so far. These flavors sound delicious though now I am motivated to try it out! Good luck on your marathon! x

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