Journey of a Dress (DVF)

Slaiden One 1-19

I had been wanting to go to this Diane Von Furstenberg exhibition for a couple of weeks now and since I had spring break this week and Slaiden was staying with his grandparents, I finally had the chance to explore LA and to go to some musea and monuments that were on my to-do list! I loved everything about this exhibition! The dresses were fabulous, the colors of the walls and patterns on the floors were gorgeous, there were amazing pictures hanging on the wall and it was just such a fashionable place to be. 

If you posted pictures on Instagram during the exhibition and you hashtagged them with #journeyofadress they printed them out automatically on a polaroid and if you didn’t pick the picture up they put it on this gorgeous photo wall! Such a nice social media idea!

What do you think about the pictures? Would this be an exhibition you would be interested to go see? Let me know in the comments below!


If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration, you should go check out Axandre’s blog, Thick Lips Small Hips.

Slaiden One 1-10Slaiden One 1-20Slaiden One 1-8Slaiden One 1-18Slaiden One 1-15Slaiden One 1-16Slaiden One 1-13Slaiden One 1-14Slaiden One 1-12Slaiden One 1-11Slaiden One 1-9

5 thoughts on “Journey of a Dress (DVF)

  1. twoblackdoggies says:

    Looks like a great exhibition, I really like her signature wrap-around dress but the patterns don’t look so good on me. Your skirt is just gorgeous and I love the photo looking down at your handbag and shoes.

    • juliecrombe says:

      Thank you for your sweet words, Sam! I love wearing that skirt, so comfy! I couldn’t not take a #fwis picture with those gorgeous floors at the exhibition! xo

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