Take a break & enjoy the view


Sometimes, people tend to overdo. It often happens to me and then I end up injured on my foot or back, or something else that makes me feel bad comes up. Whenever I run, I need to take breaks. Not only because I feel tired or because I’m thirsty. Sometimes I just take a break because, especially when I’m running at the strand, I’m falling in love with the view.

I have been getting up earlier lately, so that I could make sure that I would run. Sometimes the day passes by and before you know it, it’s too dark and too late to go out for a run. Running in the morning not only burns more calories, it also makes you feel great because when you come back around 7h30 or 8, you’re actually done working out for the day.

What is your opinion on taking breaks? Do you think it’s a sign of weakness or do you think it’s an essential part of the workout? Did you ever get up earlier just because you wanted to take care of your body and burn some calories? Let me know in the comments below!


PS: Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. They were all taken with my iPhone.


2 thoughts on “Take a break & enjoy the view

  1. - says:

    Hi Julie,

    The real break is sleep. And when you wake up, a new day is there. What you do in that new day, is up to you. But, as you say, people tend to overdo. So when you overdo, you sometimes suddenly realize this, and then stop ‘to enjoy the view’ … so you get this overdo – break – overdo – break – overdo pattern/rhythm … Ahh, but when you start to realize this pattern you could gently try to balance it. So you massage away the overdoing and mix it with the breaks. In the end the whole day could be one continuous mix of doing AND breaking (enjoying views, etc)

    Btw, thanks for your visit to my blog. This was my return visit, and a nice ‘break’:)


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