Little boys look good in leggings


Leggings are the most comfortable pants that exist. There is no doubt in that. If I could, I’d wear my workout leggings all the time. If grownups find leggings so comfortable, then why wouldn’t they be perfect for toddlers who are running around every hour of the day?! I found out about Sugarplum Lane through Instagram and after checking out the webshop, I knew I was in love with all the leggings they are offering. I paired these high-quality leggings up with a basic blue polo shirt and some sneakers, which gave the whole outfit a more boyish look!


The service of this shop is great! I received the leggings pretty quickly after ordering them and I loved how they packaged it with the little bow! So cute!

Make sure to take a look at their website! Their newest collection is all about black, white & gold and I absolutely love it! If you’re looking for matching outfits with your little one, this website is the go-to spot for you! They are currently offering some really cute ‘Mon chéri’ (my darling) shirts.

Where do you shop for your baby, niece or nephew? Would you dress your little boy in leggings? Let me know in the comments below! 😉


DSC_1230DSC_1235DSC_1236DSC_1270 DSC_1219

6 thoughts on “Little boys look good in leggings

  1. Nanny Shecando says:

    So cute. Leggings are the best! I dress Viv in leggings every single day, but even if I had a boy I’d be putting him in them too. Why not when they look as good as these 🙂

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