Review: Flap Jacked Protein Pancake Mix


Those who read yesterday’s post about the amazing Bulu Box, probably saw that there was a Protein Pancake Mix included in the box. I tried them out and topped them with agave and blueberries, as you can see on the picture!

The pancakes were really easy to make. You basically just have to add a little water to the mix and bake them. One package is good for 6 to 8 pancakes, so you can easily make a protein rich breakfast for 2 with the mix.

I personally don’t like protein drinks, because for some reason I can’t even drink half a glass of a protein shake. I just don’t like the taste at all. I didn’t give up yet though, and I’m still looking for that perfect protein shake that makes me fall in love with the drink. I’d love to find a chocolate powder that actually makes the drink totally taste like chocolate, or a fruity mix would be great too!

Anyway, the pancakes really have the taste of a vanilla protein shake, so if you love that taste, you should definitely try these pancakes! You’ll think they are amazing! 😉 You can top them with all kinds of healthy things, just like little nuts, fruits, agave and yoghurt. You can buy them here.

If you decide to make them, let me know which variation you made!

Happy Tuesday!


PS: Sign up before the 5th of March to get your Bulu Box this month! Use code BULUGAN876 when checking out to receive a 50% discount off your subscription!


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