Review: Bulu Box February


I recently discovered the world of subscription boxes and after browsing through a lot of them, the Bulu Box caught my eye! Bulu Box is a health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box that helps people to live a healthier lifestyle and feel better in their own skin. I loved the colors of the box, the motivational quotes and of course all the goodies inside!

Even though I’ve been running a lot, I’m practically new to the clean eating trend. Of course I know what’s good for my body and I know that veggies and fruits are important, but I don’t know anything about protein shakes etc. I did consider products like this for a while already, but never knew what to buy, because they often are expensive and come in big boxes. The great thing about this subscription box is that you get to try out these kind of products, and if you like them you can purchase them straight from the website, which is really easy!

If you subscribe, you get a box each month for only $10 ($110 for 12 months), filled with 5 to 6 samples of amazing products to try out. You can add months to your subscription or you can cancel at any time too. If you decide to give this box a try, I have a nice surprise for you. If you use the code BULUGAN876 when checking out, you get 50% off any Bulu Box subscription, so I highly encourage you to try this out! I mean, you can’t go wrong with paying $5 for a 1 month subscription, $15 for a 3 month subscription or only $55 for this amazing box to arrive at your house every month for the next year.

DSC_1042 DSC_1036

The February box included following items:

1. FlapJacked Protein Pancakes
The pancakes were really easy to make and made a great breakfast. I’ll share more about those in tomorrow’s post! The box contained a package that was good for 2 portions, which means that I have tomorrow’s breakfast prepared already! 😉

2. Slimming Smoothie
The Slimming Smoothie came in a little portion pack, which makes it easy to take with you on a busy day. You can take it as a solution for afternoon cravings, as a quick meal to go or like I did, as a snack between 2 meals. It only takes 20 seconds to prepare! It’s the perfect amount of protein for people who are in a hurry!

3. NeoCell Beauty Bursts
This little treat is for all the people who LOVE chocolate and who want to have a smoother and more radiant skin, hair and nails. My box contained the Mint Chocolate, but there are also fruit mixes available.

4. Rootology
I really often have nasal and sleeping problems. I took these pills right before I went to bed and even though they don’t say anything about sleeping better after taking them, I had an amazing night of sleep!

5. Smarty Pants
I loved these little gummy vitamins! They are the perfect snack and have an energizing effect. They carry all the properties of a full multivitamin as well as Omega 3’s and Vitamin D. As I have a sweet tooth, those were perfect for me! Who doesn’t want to eat candy that’s good for your body, right?!


On the image below, you can find a sneak peak of what’s going to be in the March Bulu Box! Sign up before the 5th of March to get your box this month and to try out these amazing products! Don’t forget to use BULUGAN876 when checking out in order to receive a 50% discount! Let me know how you liked your first box! I’m so excited to share this experience with all of you guys!



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