Before & After: 2009 vs now

Before and after

The first 3 pictures were taken in 2009, the last ones were taken in 2011. I shared the first picture to show you how swollen my face was and how it is actually possible to change your whole look. I included the second picture to let you know how that reducing the fat on your back can make you look so much more beautiful. The last picture is one of my sisters and I. We all look so much better and more grown up in the last group picture! Yay! 😉

As I value health a lot, and since many of you don’t really know my story, I decided to start March with my body transformation story.

Back when I was a kid, I was a really picky eater. I only ate things I was really familiar with and I remember having to stay at the table for an hour after my sisters and parents were done eating, just because I didn’t want to eat what was on my plate. Sometimes I didn’t even know what it tasted like, but I just didn’t want to eat it.

I remember that I was 13 and I went to my first party. I was getting ready for the party at my friend’s house and her mom decided to warm up some pizzas for us. I never in my life ate pizza before that day, and I was already crying inside, because I was really hungry, but didn’t want to eat pizza, because for some reason I thought I wouldn’t like it, so I refused to eat it before. I didn’t want to be impolite though, so I gave it a try, and ever since that day something changed in my mind. I started loving pizza and started trying more things that I thought I wouldn’t like.

Two years later, when I was 15, I came to a point that I was much fatter than my friends. I didn’t really care about it, because I was loving my life and I loved like going out to eat and drink.

In 2009, when I was 18, my weight was pretty out of control, but I had a lot of friends, so I didn’t really have time to be insecure, and I thought it didn’t really matter. That year, I moved to Honduras for a year as an exchange student, and getting into a country where I didn’t know a person, I started questioning myself at some point. Not only because I was surrounded by latin girls who were beautiful and had the perfect bodies, but also because I soon felt how much latin people value a great body. I didn’t know Spanish, but I always heard them talking about me. Looking back now, they were probably only looking for ways to help me because they were the sweetest girls, but back then I didn’t understand them and it made me a little insecure about myself.

“What if they were gossiping?”
“What if they were telling each other how fat I was?”
“Was I going to fit in here?”

I didn’t like the local food at all. I didn’t like beans, I was sick of rice after eating it every day for 2 months, I didn’t like the local baleadas and I didn’t even like avocados back then. I was often hungry there (Good thing they have Pizzahut in Honduras!), but in the end that was a pretty good thing for me, because it made my stomach smaller. I also started working out, because I wanted to look good and I wanted to become a healthier person.

I remember going back to Belgium after a year. My mom made my favorite food and you filled up my plate. At my house, we always eat a big plate of food for lunch. I couldn’t even finish half the plate, and I remember my parents and sisters looking at me like who the hell is this person? They were all so happy though that I had a healthier body.

I kept working out and by the time we went to Mexico in 2011, I had the body that I wanted.

I’m still working out, but I want to change what I eat too. I’m taking a nutrition class at school and I started valuing how important it is to take care of what you fuel your body with. In tomorrow’s post I’ll share how March is going to be the month I’m getting used to a living a healthy lifestyle.

Did you ever have a point in your life where you made big changes? How did you feel after? What are your thoughts on before & after pictures? How did you work on your insecurities?

Thank you so much for reading. I’d love to read your answers on these questions in the comments below!


18 thoughts on “Before & After: 2009 vs now

  1. shecando says:

    I share a similar story, a year on exchange in belgium at the height of my teenage angst prompted me to work on improving myself (mainly due to being overweight and insecure). There were a few bumpy years afterwards with taking dieting and exercise little too far, but luckily nutrition helped turn it around. Such a beautiful post, and very inspiring. You should be so proud of yourself!

  2. kerbey says:

    Way to go, Julie. I am doing a Bod4God Bible Study at church, but have only lost two pounds in nearly 2 months. I’m going to fast this week. I’ve never been picky, and I like big portions. But it’s a mindset that will have to change. It was only last night that I got dressed for going out and had a pretty shirt on, but in the mirror I could see all my back fat, just like you say. From the front, I looked great, but I had to change bras THREE TIMES to not have those awful batwings. You are an inspiration.

    • juliecrombe says:

      Waw Kerbey! Thank you for your sweet reply! I admire the fact that you can fast! I wouldn’t be able to do that! Not even for 2 hours! Start running! That was the best way for me to lose weight! 😉 xo

    • Uncle Spike says:

      That wasn’t meant in a funny way… I just meant “wow”, that’s some transformation, and well done to you. Of course, as a male observer, “wow” also fits 🙂

  3. Uncle Spike says:

    Personally I slayed many dragons. I lived a bad life for the years of my youth, very bad, and in my mid 20’s hit rock bottom. It was a simple choice, change or die. I am still here…. How? mainly through sheer bloody determination, and a 100% cut with the old life, walking away from ‘friends’, jobs and every single association with the ‘old’ (Day 01: throw address book in the fire).

    I am a follower of a guy in the states who is now running half marathons after being an obese ‘lard-ass’ (his words). Very inspirational reading.

  4. Feet from Shore says:

    You’re beautiful Julie, inside and out! I’m so proud of you for being so determinant and work hard for the things you want in life. I should take example and start a healthier lifestyle as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Rafaela Ivo says:

    You should show us actual picture too! I’m happy to read you get the body you always wanted! Eat heathly is the best thing we can do for ourselves, I try to do it and made a regular thing. Congratulations, Julie!

    • juliecrombe says:

      There are lots of recent pictures of me on my blog here, so that’s why I didn’t really share one! Maybe in a 6 months or a year, I’ll do a before/after post again! Only if I made some good changes of course. Good job on eating clean! It’s hard to keep up with that! Also thank you so much for reading all my posts and commenting on them! That means so much to me! xo

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