Review: Little Fun Club Subscription Box

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The Little Fun Club subscription box is a subscription box for kids who are between 0 and 12 years old. If you decide to subscribe, you’ll monthly receive a box with 3 educational items for your child. They will send you either books, puzzles, educational games or a combination of those. The great thing about this box is that they adapt the items to your child’s age!

The Little Fun Club subscription box for February for a 1 year old included the following items:

1. Little Lamb Finger Puppet Book (by Chronicle Books)
2. Barnyard Banter (by Denise Fleming)
3. My Little Treasury Bedtime Stories (by Publications International)

Slaiden loves reading, so I decided to include a little video in this post, showing how excited he was to see his new books! He especially loved the Little Lamb Finger Puppet book! For some reason he thinks it’s so funny to watch me move the lamb’s head with my finger! 😉 Really cute!

Little Fun Club – Subscription Box Review from Julie Crombé on Vimeo.

The cost for this box is $25/month. If you are interested in subscribing for this box, I have a little surprise for you! Use the code JCLFC20 when checking out for a 20% discount off of your first month!

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