Superbowl madness


Football is a great part of the American culture. As I mentioned on the blog in one of my previous messages, the people I live with watch lots of football. Weekend means relaxing, meeting up with friends and neighbors and watching football all day long. Past Sunday was the most important game day of the year for football lovers, the SuperBowl. 

Every since I arrived here I’ve been a SeaHawks fan. This is the favorite team of the family I live with and it’s the team that ‘taught’ me how the game works. You can probably imagine how special it was for me to experience my first SuperBowl with my team in the game!

We went over to the neighbors who hosted a SuperBowl party. Before we went there, we put our outfits on, including tutus and tattoos! The baby got mini Nike Airs in the SeaHawks colors for his birthday (so adorable!). We watched the game (and the $4 million dollar commercials) on a huge screen, ate amazing food & played this game where everyone pays a certain amount of money and choses a couple of squares and after each quarter of the game you check who’s name is in the little square that has the current score. I don’t know what the name of the game is, but I’m pretty sure that the American readers amongst you guys know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I don’t like to waste money so I decided to only put in $5. You won’t believe it, but I won $50 after the 2nd quarter! Yay!

We also won the game! The SeaHawks are the champions! Double YAY! 😉

Who did you cheer for? What did you think about the game and about the commercials?
And the most important question… What do you think about my tutu? 😉 Let me know your answers on these questions in the comments below!

Happy Wednesday!



Slaiden, Paul, Stacy & cousins Ashley and Logan are happy because the SeaHawks won!


6 thoughts on “Superbowl madness

  1. Dalo 2013 says:

    Great pics & post as football is a big part of the US culture. Just had a great day in downtown Seattle at the parade…cold, but a group of very happy people. Go ‘Hawks 🙂

  2. Andy Porter says:

    Great story! Its a hoot to experience a sport you’re not familiar with in a new country, I learned about Cricket once when in India and played a little, what fun!
    Well, I can tell you that up here in Washington we are still celebrating! We had a parade in Seattle yesterday and more than 700,000 people came out!
    And you great in the Seattle Seahawks Tutu, you would be very popular up here!

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