Running schedule: Week 2

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 8.37.34 PM

I took a picture of the Redondo Beach Pier as I included this gorgeous place in my 9 mile run! I loved the light and how the place looks just so busy and peaceful in the same time.

As a promised a couple of posts ago, I would keep on posting about my running and workout schedule and since I didn’t do last weeks post yet, I’m sharing it with you right now!

In the second week, I ran every mile that I had to, according to my schedule. This means that last Sunday I ran 9 miles (14,5 km). This was pretty heavy for me, but while I was doing it I felt great!

When I’m running I just feel happy. I feel like it’s the kind of activity that frees me. I feel great and full of energy once I start my run. When I see views like the one on the picture I feel incredibly blessed to be living in California and to be able to see the beauty of this place whenever I want to. 

After running a certain distance I feel so proud of myself. After the 9 miles I felt like I could conquer the world, because it’s a distance that I had never ran before and I was actually impressed that I had done it so easily. One bad thing that happened during that run, was that my phone battery died, so the Nike running app didn’t register the full 9 miles. That was a bummer, but pretty soon I’ll break that record and than my miles on the app will even be higher.

This week I took the week off because I felt like I didn’t have as much support on my left foot after running the long distance. Besides I dropped a class in college and replaced it by a weight exercise class. I basically have to go to school on Monday and Wednessday for 1:30h and I start the class off with a run and after that I do either upper or lower body weight lifting for an hour. After that hour we do a little 30 minute group session where we work our abs. It’s really effective, but I’ve been sore all week.

I feel like my daily schedule is just too hard to keep on running day in day out after taking care of the baby during the day, going to school every night and having homework till midnight everyday. Because I’m taking the weightlifting classes I decided to always do 2 weeks of following the schedule, and 1 week off.

This week was my week off, but it was not entirely off because next to my weight lifting classes I’m also running a 10k tomorrow. I’ll participate in the Super Bowl Sunday 10k in Redondo Beach and I hope to finish the race in 53 minutes. Wish me luck guys!

Did you guys liked my picture? Where do you usually run? Do you stop along the way to take pictures of the breathtaking views? If so, share your Instagram name with me so I can check out your pics!

I hope you had a great week and an amazing start of the weekend!


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