Half marathon training plan

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I’ll run my first half marathon on the 10th of May. I’m so excited for this Wine Country Half because first of all it’s a huge challenge for me as I’ve never ran more than 12 km in one run and second of all I’ll get to see a new part of California. I will probably be able to make some great shots over there! So excited!

I was looking online for good training plans, but couldn’t find anything that I really liked so I made one myself, based on some plans that I found online. First of all I wanted 2 rest days a week, because I’ll be busy and I will really need my rest. I also was looking for a plan for an intermediate runner. I easily run 8k, so I didn’t want to start with a schedule that started with distances below 5k. 

This is the result of it. I’ll follow the one in miles, but I wanted to convert the planning in km’s too for my belgian (or non-American) followers! The convertions aren’t totally correct, but I wanted the numbers to be easier to reach.

Who’s in for this running plan? It would be a great way to work on those healthy new years resolutions! Let me know if you want to go for it! It would be cool to motivate each other!



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