Plane ride to a new chapter

Travel 0701

This whole week has been a total rush, seriously. On Monday I wanted to say goodbye to some friends and I wanted to go eating to my favorite spaghetti place in Ghent (de Kastart). I also wanted to check out the shopping street to see if I could do some sales, but since most of the things that were for sale were warm and cosy winter clothes, I decided to save my money instead, because everyone knows that you don’t need a super warm sweater if you’re going to live in the LA area, right?!

On Tuesday morning I got up really early. I made a whole bag of sandwiches for on the way, 8 to be precisely. This is a thing that I’ve been doing for years already. It became a habit to take sandwiches on long trips because I often don’t like the plane food and a sandwich is still healthier than just chips and candy. Normally I would have taken a whole bunch of unhealthy treats for on the way too, but since one of my new years resolutions was to live a healthier life style, I decided not to break this resolution.

I left my house at 6:30, took the train to the airport at 7:10, took a plane to London at 9:55 and that’s about till where everything went well. In London I had to rush like crazy to catch my plane to New York, because the plane from Brussels arrived a little late. The plane to New York arrived late too and since I had to pick up my bag there I was really in a rush. They gave me a fast pass, so that way I could pass the whole line of hundreds of people who had to go through immigration. Then I went looking for my luggage and I lost a lot of time there and in the end they told me that my luggage didn’t make it to the plane in London, but that they sent it with another plane straight to LA and that it would be waiting for me at my final destination before I even got there. At this point, they were calling my name through all the airport, because it was the last call for my flight. I ran faster than I’ve ever ran before (good thing that I had been training for the past month!). When I arrived in LA, my luggage was nowhere to be found. When they tell you that after you have been awake for over 26 hours, your face doesn’t allow you to smile anymore! I was so annoyed. Then I saw Paul and Stacy back and I was so happy! So glad to be back! They put this ‘welcome home’ sign on my bed, which I think was a really sweet thing to do!

In the end, I got my luggage today, 3 days later than planned. It was pretty annoying to be here without having my stuff, but I’m just really happy that at least I got it back. Imagine that they wouldn’t have found it back… I mean, all my stuff for a full year was in that suitcase.

Now my journey can really start here! I loved to see little Slaiden back! He grew so much and I feel like he doesn’t really look like a baby anymore. He became like a little toddler in just 1 month. He is so adorable! I’ll make pictures of him soon!

I took the picture of this post just after leaving New York. If we would have left on time there, I would have been able to capture the most amazing sunset. Unluckily, the plane stayed on the ground for another 50 minutes, which made the sun go down already and before I knew it it was dark and the gorgeous colors were gone. I did capture this amazing view of the city that never sleeps. What do you think about it? 😉

Hope you all had an amazing week!


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