As usual, I look back on the past month in the beginning of the new month, by making a collage of my most liked pictures on Instagram. I find that December was a month with a variety of events. I spent half the month in California and half the month in Belgium, so I saw  lots of people this month!

1. The Manhattan Beach Pier with its beautiful Christmas lights and decorations was the most amazing thing I saw this month. I went to the beach with Stacy, Paul and Slaiden to take their Christmas picture! The sky was gorgeous that day and I loved the moment they lit up all the Christmas lights on the pier! So pretty!

2. For the birthday of one of my friends we went to this place called Eat Love. They have a variety of pizzas, but they are really famous in Ghent for their heart shaped waffles that they serve for dessert! So delicious!

3. I subscribed for the gym here in Belgium, since I knew that it would be to cold to go for a run outside. I loved working out this month, but on the other hand I’m looking forward already to run by the beach in Cali next week!

4. 2014 will be my healthy year and I decided to try out a smoothie last week. I posted the recipe on the blog a couple of days ago! It’s so easy and delicious!

5. Every year there is a little Christmas market in Ghent. People go there to drink some wine, a hot chocolate or a shot of jenever (Dutch gin). They also sell pancakes and other yummie treats. If you’re ever in Ghent during holiday season, I recommend you to visit this little market!

6. My city has this speciality called cuberdons or purple noses. On the picture you can see the most famous place where they sell this candy. I personally don’t like the taste of it, but lots of people love it!

7. I went for a walk with my 21-month old cousin, Axelle. She is the cutest little girl ever and I hadn’t seen her in like 4 months. I was so glad to be able to spend some time with her! Isn’t she adorable in her cute pink jacket?

8. My love for Susie Cakes!

9. On Christmas eve my sister, cousin and I took a selfie with our grandma! She is such a sweet and loving person!

10. I like this picture, because it makes me think about those cold snowy winters where you warm yourself up by sitting in front of the fireplace with a blankie and hot chocolate!

11. Who says that Belgium can’t have gorgeous sky views? 😉

12. I knitted my own scarf! I just finished it yesterday! I love being creative!!

13. I went for drinks with the girls. We spend our years in high school together and even though we don’t see each other very often, it’s always a lot of fun when we get together and chat about our lives.

14. A little picture of our getaway to Palm Desert. I love hanging by the pool! So relaxing!

15. My youngest sister and I love working out together. Margot is a really healthy person and if she could she would probably spend all day at the gym. It works really motivational to go together!

16. I love when I have some spare time to read a good book. I hope that in 2014 I have more time to read. If you know a good book, please let me know in the comments below! 😉

17. Slaiden and I are Ugg twins! I love Uggs on babies. They are so adorable and warm!

18. Reunited with my friends after 3 months of being on the other side of the ocean!

19. I know that it is kind of a cliché to take picture out of the little plane window, but I could help it! The sky was way to pretty not to snap a picture! I love how there are so many colors in this picture!

20. I love playing with little guy! I just love it when I can make him smile!

21. I baked Christmas cookies and they were delicious!

22. My mom is a pro in decorating our Christmas tree! She is so creative and this year it looked perfect again!

23. I saw this sign in a bar/restaurant in Manhattan Beach. I thought it was such a beautiful sign and I just loved it! If I knew where they bought it, I’d buy it for my house too!

24. NYE dessert!

25. Many years ago, this was our Christmas card picture! I’m the biggest sister that you see on the left of the picture! I love those pj pictures!

I hope you guys had an as cool december as I had! Let me know what you thought about this post and the pictures in the comments below!

Happy 2nd day of the year!


10 thoughts on “InstaDecember

    • juliecrombe says:

      I thought it would be super hard, but even though I made a couple of mistakes during the making of my scarf, it’s not that hard! I think everyone can do it! You should try it!

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