Going home

goign home


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After three amazing months I’m going home for the holidays! I’m so excited to see my friends and family back, but I’m sad to leave my little American family behind! Good thing that I’m coming back in January! 😉

Bighorn chilling


I decided to share some pictures of my relaxing week in Palm Desert.

Thanksgiving is all about family and close friends, so we decided to go out to Palm Desert and hang out all week. We had such a nice time together. We hung out at the pool, played bodgy ball and did all kinds of fun stuff!

Enjoy the pictures! Continue reading

My first Thanksgiving


Last week, I celebrated my first Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful experience, with friends that feel like family. I love how easily those people I celebrated it with let me into their family. I feel so comfortable with them and I’m incredibly thankful for having experienced it with them. I stayed in Palm Desert for the whole Thanksgiving week and it was so amazing! We had the yummiest food all week long! Continue reading

Healthy chicken salad


Since we didn’t stay at home during thanksgiving week, we came home to a house with an almost empty fridge. There were some leftovers inside, so I decided to use them for a semi healthy lunch salad! The only things in there that you might see as unhealthy are the pasta and the pesto, even though I chose to use whole-wheat pasta. Continue reading