Delicious Christmas cookies


I made Christmas cookies yesterday! I kept everything simple, but they were delicious and really easy to make. That’s why I decided to share the recipe with you guys! 😉

– 120g butter
– 160g flower
– 80g sugar
– a little bit of salt

Enjoy the cookies!



DSC_9398 DSC_9399 DSC_9401 DSC_9405 DSC_9410 DSC_9429

8 thoughts on “Delicious Christmas cookies

  1. corynnfowler says:

    These look delicious! Nothing is better than christmas cookies 🙂 if you enjoy cooking I also have a food blog you can checkout,

    • juliecrombe says:

      Waw! I love your food blog! I do enjoy cooking, and I hope to cook lots of healthy meals in 2014! Your blog has great recipes to start with, so I started following it! Thanks for sharing!

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