Cocktails and Latin music in Palm Springs

Cocktails and Latin Music in Palm Springs

Since I first drove through Palm Springs a couple of months ago, I’ve been wanting to explore the area a little better. A couple of weeks ago I finally went there and walked around the strip for a bit. There was not too much to see, but the one thing that was remarkable was the super huge Marilyn Monroe statue that was standing in the middle of Palm Springs! Apparently she was discovered in that area! 😉

After walking around for about half an hour and taking pictures of the area, we went to Las Casuelas. This is a little latin bar where they serve delicious cocktails and where you can enjoy amazing live music in both Spanish and English. We started off the afternoon with a cocktail and we had some Corona’s as well! We really enjoyed hanging there and we loved watching all the people doing their little salsa steps on the dance floor!  😉

Have you ever been in Palm Springs? What did you do there and what was your coolest experience in the city?


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