My first Thanksgiving


Last week, I celebrated my first Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful experience, with friends that feel like family. I love how easily those people I celebrated it with let me into their family. I feel so comfortable with them and I’m incredibly thankful for having experienced it with them. I stayed in Palm Desert for the whole Thanksgiving week and it was so amazing! We had the yummiest food all week long!

Enjoy my pictures!


DSC_8599 DSC_8601 DSC_8603 DSC_8606 DSC_8610 DSC_8612 DSC_8617 DSC_8633 DSC_8639 DSC_8641

10 thoughts on “My first Thanksgiving

  1. missmjbond says:

    I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed your first Thanksgiving! It’s honestly my favorite holiday as an American. I feel more patriotic at Thanksgiving than at the fourth, mostly because it’s the perfect size holiday. It’s half a week of eating, playing board games, and generally getting happy and fat. Then, after the little half-week, it’s back into normal for a few weeks before CHRISTMAS!!!! 🙂
    Your pictures are lovely.

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