Insta November

1. Stacy’s mom’s famous cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting. I’d heart a lot about those and I was so thrilled to finally taste them! I loved everything about them so during Thanksgiving week she made them several times! So delicious!

2. Redondo Beach orange sunset

3. Redondo Beach sometimes has the kind of sunsets you find in Hawaii. I’ve never been there but they told me that the sky looks like that every night! Must be a beautiful place!

4. I took a selfie during a perfect moment on the balcony while the baby was sleeping!

5. The best things in life aren’t things. I love those inspirational words that I always find during my walks on the beach. The best things in life are definitely the people who make you happy and who want to make you happy. Something that comes close to perfection also is my stay in the US, the many gorgeous sunsets and the beauty of nature.

6. Slaiden looking cute in his stylish baby outfit. Love how even the babies are wearing uggs here! So adorable! I gave the outfit an extra touch by adding my fancy Frends headphones! He loves the bling-bling of those!

7. Eating cupcakes with a beach view comes close to perfection.

8. On the picture you see my gorgeous baby cousin, Axelle. She is walking by herself now and she looked adorable in her pink coat! My sister sent me that picture, since I’m on the other side of the ocean at the moment!

9. Beach view during one of my many runs! So gorgeous!

10. I built a football house for baby Slaiden. When he’s playing or reading he always goes to his little house and sits inside! He is the cutest little boy ever and I love him so much!

11. Action picture of a run in Redondo Beach in my brand new Lulu Lemon gear!

12. Slaiden and I enjoying some pool time in Palm Desert. We loved our daily swim and the moments I spent there with the baby will be the greatest memories!

13. The most gorgeous christmas tree I saw this year. I saw that tree in the resort where I was staying last week. In the tree there were pictures of kids who don’t get all the chances we get. The people living in the resort are buying gifts for those children which I think is a great thing!

14. Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I should make more time to do that!

15. Facetime selfie! This is my way to keep in touch with my family in Belgium. On the picture you can see my dad and my sister, Céline.

16. Another great sunset. This time in Hermosa Beach.

17. My favorite cupcakes are the red velvet ones from Susie’s cakes! So delicious!

18. On Thanksgiving day I ran the turkey trot 5k with the fam’! I finished it in 25 something minutes and I was the 6th girl in my age range to finish! I was injured on my back, but still did the run and it actually makes me proud to have done it so well!

19. Shameless selfie on Thanksgiving day. Stacy curled my hair and it turned out to be super cute! I always wear my hair straight, but now I’m considering curling it a little more often! It gave a really chic look, which I loved!

20. This is a typical picture out of the life of an au pair. A baby pulling my hair all the time wasn’t what I expected, but I must say that I don’t really think it’s a bad thing since I love this little guy so much and since literally every thing that he does is adorable!

21. I took this picture during an event in Manhattan Beach. We went out with a bunch of people and saw how they put on the christmas lights in the city! All the shops in Manhattan Beach offered free wine or pizza, so we made quite a few stops! 😉

22. Team UCLA was cheering for the bruins during one of their games!

23. Making funny faces with Slaiden! Love how fun it is to make faces with a baby!

24. Picture of my new friends and me during our visit of Palos Verdes.

25. I love running while the sun goes down! The temperatures are nicer and I can empty my mind way better. I should make it a habit to taking pictures during my runs! The views are always gorgeous!


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