#OOTD: Dream-Believe-Achieve

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My blog used to be more of a fashion blog some months ago but since I don’t live in Belgium anymore and I don’t have my little sister to shoot my outfits, I didn’t have the chance to continue doing that, so my blog became more of a photography/travel blog. Sometimes I still post my outfits on Instagram in the form of a selfie. I thought it might be nice for the fashion followers among you to get the details of some of those outfits.

First of all I have to admit that coming to the United States changed my sense of fashion a little bit. People don’t always dress up glamorously as I thought they did here. Living in the L.A. area I thought that I would have to wear high heels all the time in order to fit in, and that I would have to dress a little more fabulous! Well, let me tell y’all… That’s not the case at all over here. Almost everyone I see on the street or in the supermarket is wearing sweatpants and even though I would never have left the house in sweatpants in Belgium (only if I was on my way to the gym!) I couldn’t resist anymore and I started being one of them, one of those typical American housewifes. I’m an au pair, so I’m walking around the streets in sport gear with a baby. The perfect image of an American lady! 😉 Oh boy, I wish fitting in was that easy all the time! It was the most comfortable decision I’ve made since a long time! 😉

I decided to make the look a little more casual and less sporty, by adding the coolest slightly oversized sweater that I purchased from my favorite fashion blogger, Sincerely Jules. Next to this, I wore this outfit with my newest designer bag. To break the color of the all black outfit I decided to wear my leopard Vans to make the look a little more special!

Let me know what you thought of this post! Should I keep posting outfits like once or twice a week even though I don’t have anyone to make nice shots of the details? Hope you had a blast reading this!


Sweater: Sincerely Jules
Tights: Nike
Shoes: Vans
Bag: Céline
Watch: Guess

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