Insta October

1. While working out this month this was my view when I looked up and I absolutely love it! The flowers are amazing and even though the patio is rather small, it’s stunning!

2. When I went on my weekend trip to Palm Desert, this was the main activity of the weekend. It was all about hanging at the pool, relaxing with a good book, getting a nice tan and spending time with my American family. The people who were hosting this weekend were amazing and I’m so grateful for their hospitality.

3. When Slaiden’s parents went on a weekend trip I stayed at home to watch him and we decided to have a little cake party, just the two of us. He is the sweetest baby and I love spending time with him and teaching him new things!

4. All around Hermosa and Manhattan Beach I find these amazing quotes that brighten up my day! They are all written with chalk so I guess that the street artist who makes them just put new ones when the old ones are fading away!

5. Working as an au pair is the most amazing thing I’ve done, but I must say that it’s mainly because I was so lucky to find amazing people to work for. They are like family to me and I would do anything for them! We are always having fun together and the baby is amazing. They give me these cute little gifts all the time and I love it. Sometimes they come home with a super yummie cupcake for me and those little details are much appreciated! I love it!

6. A beautiful vintage wall in Hermosa Beach. When I first saw this it was love at first sight! So pretty! I hope that I can shoot an OOTD post there sometime!

7. #OOTD at the front door of my house in Redondo Beach. I was wearing my Célfie T-shirt that I purchased from the Sincerely Jules website, a floral blazer, beige pants and my leopard Vans. I loved the combination of the floral and the leopard print. Such a great match!

8. This is the pumpkin patch that I found on one of my walks. I thought it was big until I saw the one in Long Beach!

9. The strand is so pretty out here. Especially the Manhattan Beach Pier view! That’s my ultimate dream view!

10. #OOTD post with the new things I recently purchased. My Michael Kors watch, Céline bag and Windsor studded shoes!

11. The table I was sitting at in Barsha, a wine bar close to my place. They offer wine tastings and give information about what they are serving. I loved the fact that they really know what they were talking about. That made the wine even taste better!

12. View of some surfers in Cali. Best feeling ever to be part of the Californian life!

13. I’m still walking the little guy almost every day and I take him to Gymboree twice a week. The last two weeks were dress-up weeks and I put him on this little batman suit that his uncle Scotty bought for him. He fell asleep on the way home and I thought it was the cutest thing ever!

14. I’ve never really been a dog person, but since the people I live with have a little dog, I was kind of forced to get into dogs. This month there was another dog who came for a sleep over and in the morning I walked both of the dogs. First time ever that I actually walked a dog! I didn’t know they were so strong! I almost had to run to catch up on them! I was proud that I did the dog walk though! 😉

15. Lovely picture of the InstaMeet in Manhattan Beach! Love the backlight!

16. Last weekend I went to Parker, Arizona. We stayed at a mansion of a friend of a friend of the family. I will definitely blog some more about this trip, because it was the coolest and most relaxing weekend. We did some jet skiing, tanning, joking, singing karaoke, drinking… It was fabulous because all of this was happening at the most amazing house right on the river!

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 8.21.51 PM

This was a shot that I took about 2 weeks ago in Manhattan Beach during my Saturday morning run with Paul, Stacy and Slaiden. It was on the same day as the InstaMeet, so you can probably already tell in that picture that it was really foggy out there! We ran 4 miles which isn’t that much, but it was nice to do it together as a family. After that we enjoyed the most amazing brunch!

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 8.22.14 PM

This picture was taken at the InstaMeet with my iPhone and I wanted to share this picture here because it had so much likes on Instagram! It’s amazing how great the Californian beach views are!

I hope you all enjoyed my bundled up moments of this month! Let me know what you’re favorite picture was and don’t hesitate to check out my Instagram for more of this!


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