Balcony sunset

Balcony sunset

On Wednesday I was playing with the baby when Paul called me and told me to go to the balcony. When I went up there I couldn’t believe what I saw! I enjoyed the view for some minutes and then got my camera (of course!). 

I didn’t edit anything about these pictures and I must say that the colors look amazing! They are literally the same as what I saw!

On moments like that I feel so fortunate to be able to enjoy all this prettiness. I think taking a break from studying for a couple of months and moving to the U.S. were the best decisions that I’ve made lately. I’m experiencing a whole other life style and one that I’m really enjoying!

In January I will start studying photography and I’m so excited for that! I’m sure that that will help me develop my passion for pretty things.

Watching sunsets like the one on the picture from the balcony of my house gives me time to think about what’s important.

What is your favorite time of the day to take a break and what helps you doing it? Do you enjoy watching the sun go down? Do you go for a run? I’d like to know all about it! Please tell me by commenting below!

I’m going for a run in a while and then I’m going to enjoy a great brunch!



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