Redondo Beach Lobster Festival


Last Friday I went to the Redondo Beach Lobster Festival and it was so fun! Think little lobster dishes – such as lobster mac and cheese, lobster tacos, lobster sliders… -, live music from local artists, great views, people dressed up as lobsters (oh yeah, that’s how the Americans roll (love it!)) and some beers. It was a great evening in company of the family I live with!

Enjoy my pictures and let me know what you thought about this post!



On this picture you can see local artist Kevin Miso! I really loved the way he felt the music. He was making the beat all by himself on stage, recorded it and started singing his song! So great! We bought his cd at the festival and I’m so excited to listen to all his songs!


On this picture you can see my homies Paul, Stacy and Slaiden! They are the sweetest people and I love living with them!


These little hamburgers are called sliders and were the second lobster dish I tried (after the lobster mac and cheese of which I didn’t take a picture!)


Next on the menu were the lobster tacos!


Too bad that Friday was kind of a colder day because if it would have been sunny the view would have been even prettier! Well actually I shouldn’t complain because this pretty much looks like paradise already! I would have loved to go down that blue attraction! After seeing that thing, the kid inside me woke up!


I just love watching the palm trees here! In the background of the picture there were passing boats every once in a while, which was cool too!


I didn’t try this cocktail, but it probably was a good one! Would you have gone for it? 😉


After Kevin Miso’s performance it was time for some reggae music by these guys! People started dancing with their kids on some of the most famous Bob Marley tunes! So nice to watch and listen!


These people were all dressed up in the theme of the evening! It’s a funny view and I wouldn’t see that happen really soon in Belgium! 🙂 I’m looking forward to halloween already! I’m wondering how people are going to dress up then! So excited that I’m going to see that happen here!


This guy didn’t bring his lobster hat to the festival but showed up in his lobster shirt! OK, I admit, if I would have a lobster blouse at home I would have worn it too! I’m an animal print lover! 😉

5 thoughts on “Redondo Beach Lobster Festival

  1. tieshka says:

    Nice photos of the lobster festival in RB- I wanted to head to the one in San Pedro and missed that too! Next year for sure- my husband is a lobster freak. You’ll enjoy Halloween- people go crazy for that holiday here.

      • tieshka says:

        The largest lobster festival is in Long Beach I believe. They are held each year around the same time. We are always so busy that we don’t go- but next year I will make it a priority to visit one of them. We recently moved to the South Bay from the other side of town so at least we are closer to them all!

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