Keep Hermosa hermosa



My first week in Redondo Beach is almost finished! I’m really enjoying every moment of my stay and I feel like I can get used to this Cali lifestyle! 😉

My ‘homie’ Slaiden is almost 8 months old and he is the cutest little guy! I really enjoy taking him for these long walks in the neighborhood! Today I went to the beach (Hermosa Beach) with him! I walked for 1,5h up and down the hills (great workout right?!), along the most beautiful houses and with the best beach view you can imagine!

The pictures I took look like scenes from The OC, which I absolutely love! I also loves the quote I found on one of the little walls along the strand! So nice to see positive words like that on the way!

I hope you enjoy the pictures I took today! Let me know in the comments below what you thought of the pictures and if you’re from the neighborhood do not hesitate to give me tips on places I should visit here!










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