DIY: Luggage tags


I’m the kind of person that travels a lot and whenever I’m cueing to check in my luggage I realize that I forgot to put an address tag on it, so I would just take one of those (ugly!) Iberia tags at the airport and write down my name and phone number in a bad handwriting because I have no table to put the tag on.

Do you recognize yourself?

Today’s post is all about the second travel DIY that I promised you earlier this week! Today I chose to make luggage tags! I realized that even your luggage can be something that’s personalized. As my luggage is all black (and that’s the most common color!) I decided to make a travel tag that is both personalized and remarkable so that I can immediately say whether I see my suitcase coming or the one of someone else!

The only thing you need for this is paper (+ scissors and transparent foil to make the tag a bit stronger) and your own creativity!

On the front side of the first tag, which I’m going to use for my suitcase, I pasted the word ‘travel’ that I cut out of another paper and for the second tag, that I was going to use for my carry-on luggage, I used a travel quote which I thought to be kind of cool!

When it was finished I wrote my name, address and phone number on the back of the tag and I considered this DIY done! So easy yet beautiful!

What’s your favorite travel tag? The travel one or the one with the quote?



DSC_5501 DSC_5499DSC_5511

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