IG aug

August is over, which means that it’s time for sharing my little Instamoments with you guys!

  1. Sometimes I like to draw people or things. People who draw models and have their very own personal style inspire me! I’d love to become a better drawer, but I’m still working on it! Here I drew Jessica from Tuulavintage. Does she look like the person I drew? 😉
  2. I love smoothies and juices and I love them even more when the weather is good! I took a picture of that one because I love the mix of colors in the drink!
  3. A picture of me and my treasure! She is the smallest member of my entire family but I love her so much!
  4. On my free day I decided to spend some time relaxing in the Jacuzzi! I love the fact that I can do this in my own garden and I actually decided during the moment in the Jacuzzi that I should make it a habit. I always go to other places, while to me my garden seems like paradise too!
  5. My sister is a sugar free eater and she often makes these healthy snacks and desserts. Here she made a vegan brownie which was DE-LISH!
  6. I ran 10 km in an hour! Yay! So proud!
  7. I love series and when I have some free time I love to discover new series! In the beginning of August I started watching Hart of Dixie and I already finished all the episodes that were on air until now! Can’t wait for the next season!
  8. I did summer jobs for the past 2 months without having any break so sometimes I was so tired that I couldn’t do anything else then drinking smoothies, reading a book and Instagram/Pinterest all day long! So chill!
  9. As usual when a new outfit post is up on the blog I share it on Instagram and here I made a little collage of it! 😉


Hope you liked this month’s InstaMoments! Don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram (@juliecrombe)! I’d be glad to discover some of the Instagram accounts of you guys too! 😉


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