Favorite Instagram accounts: part 2

1. @lovelypepa
This Spanish beauty has the best style and what she wears is actually affordable! She works on lots of nice projects in Spain and is currently taking a roadtrip through the United States! Check out her amazing pictures!


2. @trishpapadakos
I love the light this instagrammer uses in her pictures. She photographs random things or moments and I just adore going through her pictures!


3. @cupofcouple
This profile is owned by 2 Spanish guys! They are really creative and they work on film and photography projects. They have worked for brands such as Dior and Mango! If you have time then check out their blog too!


4. @songofstyle
This girl has a great style and it seems like she has a perfect life! She has a dream job and she gets to travel a lot! Her wardrobe is amazing and whatever she wears she always looks classy!


5. @itsashbenzo
This Pretty Little Liars star is the funniest girl ever! She seems to be so sympathetic! Watch her insta videos and I’m sure you’ll love her!


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