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Hello there!

Today’s post is all about wish lists! I’ve discovered a new online store where they have the best shoes and really cute bags! The shop is called Daniel Footwear and you can find it here.

It’s actually a retailer with more than 30 stores in the UK. Among the products they offer you can find brands like Michael Kors, Guess, BCBGeneration, Juicy Couture, Lui Jo and even Chanel.

What I love about this online store is that the discounts on some of the shoes are huge! I was selecting 10 products to put on my wish list and one of the products has a discount of more than 150 euros. It are these amazing pink heels that you can find as the third product on my wish list!

I started my wish list with 6 pairs of shoes, followed by some accessories!

Do you want to know what I’ve put on my wish list? I can give you a hint already! There is even an item of Michael Kors on it! Want to know what it is? Click on ‘continue reading’ for more.

So here comes my wish list:

1. BCBGeneration Shirlee Tan High Heel Peep Toe Sandal


I love these shoes because you can basically combine these with everything! The color is a good match with almost every outfit! These kind of shoes are a trend this season! I’ve seen them on lots of blogs of fashion bloggers who inspire me! I’ve put them as my first choice because they are a must have this season and because right now they have a discount of almost 100 euros which is a huge deal! I can conclude that this shoe can make every outfit look casual and stylish!

Check it out here.

2. BCBGeneration Shirlee Red High Heel Peep Toe Sandal


These high heels are the same ones as the previous ones but in a color between red and orange! I love this color and would have definitely put these ones as my first choice if I hadn’t seen the price difference between the 2 colors. These shoes cost +/- 105 euros which is definitely a good price for this pair, but if I could score the brown ones for even 40 euros less I wouldn’t doubt! 😉

Check it out here.

3. Liu Jo Pink Women’s Good Luck High Heeled Sandal


These Pink High Heeled Sandals are my ultimate dream shoes! They are the most classy pair I’ve ever seen and I love their color! I’m also in love with the golden details that are obvious, even though they are really small! If I would go for this pair this would definitely be a pair to match with a chic outfit! I wouldn’t wear it just to go to the city. I would use them for a wedding or a cocktail party! They are so chic and give an extra touch to the outfit thanks to their lovely color! Those were the shoes with the great deal about which I told you in my introduction! They used to cost € 254,12 and now you can purchase them for only € 100,95.

Check it out here.
(€ 100.95)

4. Guess Gold GW Durjany Women’s Platform Sandal


The next heels on the list are definitely the most classy ones! From experience I know that I love wearing shoes of Guess because they are more comfortable than they look! I love the fact that these shoes are all leather and gold! I would feel like a princess in these!

Check it out here.

5. Guess Gold 94335 Women’s Multi Strap Wedge Sandal


The fifth pair of shoes look similar as the previous pair, but look way more comfortable and yet again will make an outfit look more casual thanks to material of the wedge!

Check it out here.
(€ 83.55)

6. UGG Australia Authorised Retailer Raspberry Sorbet Lucianna Women’s Wedge Sandal


We are halfway already! I decided to put a more colorful last pair of shoes to add to the list! I love the color of these Wedge Sandals and love the way you can strap them around your legs! They make me dream of a sunny vacation! I would definitely love to put these on, go buy a raspberry icecream and take an #OOTD-picture to match my shoes with my YOLO-food! Wouldn’t that make the best blog post ever? 😉

Check it out here.

7. Michael Kors Vanilla Saffiano Hamilton Tote Women’s Bag


I can describe this bag in 3 words: Fabulous, Timeless & Classy! It’s the kind of bag that gives an extra touch to your whole outfit! It’s really classy because of the saffiano leather. Inside the bag it looks easy to organize your stuff! You should definitely take a look at the website if you want to see how the inside looks! Too bad this bag is not on sale (yet!). If it was I would definitely want to buy it!

Check it out here.

8. UGG Australia Authorised Retailer Black Women’s Classic Zip Tablet Case


The next item I’d like to buy is a nice leather Tablet Case. At the moment I have a really basic black one which you can’t close perfectly! This one looks like it would protect every part of my iPad when I save it there! As I’m planning to take my iPad on all my future trips, I’d love to have a stylish case for it!

Check it out here.

9. Lulu Guinness Black Lips Top Zip Women’s Purse


This is something I still miss when I’m traveling! It would be great if I could organize all my accessories in a stylish purse like this one! I love the print of it too!

Check it out here.

10. Lulu Guinness Pink Perspex Lips Women’s Clutch Bag


The last item I’ve put on my wish list is this cute pink clutch in the shape of lips! I think it has a unique design and that when wearing it people would definitely spot you! It’s not something I’d use daily but again, it would make me feel so fashionable! This is definitely the most original item on my wish list!

Check it out here.

By writing this post I’m participating to win a £ 150 voucher to spend online at Daniel Footwear and in case I would win I would also get a beach bag full of holiday essentials which I would be able to use perfectly! So once again, do not hesitate to visit their website and to let me know what would be on your wish list! (http://bit.ly/11KkBu9)

The competition is open to all bloggers, so please do not hesitate to participate yourself! You can find all the information here.


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