Popular Instagram Posts May – Part 2

Collage 1

Hi guys,

As promised a couple of weeks ago here comes the second part of my popular IG-pictures of May!

The first and second picture are #OOTD-pictures. On the pictures I’m wearing leather shorts, a cute blouse of Blanco and a denim jacket from Stradivarius. For me it was the ideal outfit to go drink something with my colleagues on my last night that I was in Salamanca. They complimented me on the outfit so I was actually really comfortable in it!

On the third picture you can see the park where I used to go running in Salamanca. I really liked the fact that in Salamanca it wasn’t extremely hot so the weather was nice for a run almost always! The parks are extremely beautiful and the people love to be outside over there. It’s always busy! Some people are running, others are tanning. Some parents come to the park with their children and some youngsters are occasionally repeating some dance moves. What I love is that in Spain in the parks you can find machines to work your muscles. It’s like a free gym in open air. I wanted to include that picture on the blog, but since it wasn’t one of the most popular ones, I didn’t (but you can still see it on my Instagram-profile if you look for me! (you can find the link on the right of the blog).

The fourth picture is one of me sitting on the train rails! Don’t worry guys, it wasn’t a dangerous spot and I was just there for about 1 minute! My followers have probably seen this picture on the blog already. I always use Instagram to announce there is a new outfit post on Pretty Little Treasures! 😉

On the fifth picture you can see another one of my healthy dishes. It’s basically just all vegetables put together in a plate! DE-LI-CIOUS!

The next picture is one of me relaxing at the beach in Marbella! I went there with a friend of mine! The weather was great that day and we basically just relaxed at the beach and enjoyed great food over there!

What follows is a picture of the port of Malaga! I always thought that Malaga was not that nice, because I passed there some years ago by bus and it seemed old and not taken care of but actually it’s the most beautiful place! A nice friend of mine guided me around the city and we passed by these gorgeous boats! I just loved the atmosphere of the city and I also loved the great food and the wine later that night!

On the next picture you can see Sevilla, about which I wrote a whole blog post a couple of weeks ago! Check it out to see more pictures of it!

The last picture is another one of Marbella! While sitting on the beach I took a picture of my essentials which were my studded sandals, a bottle of water, sun screen, sun glasses and one of the books of the Fifty Shades trilogy (which I loved!). Should I write a review about those books? I can honestly say that I loved all three of them! Especially the second one!

Talk to you later!


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