The Jane Iredale’s Balance Antioxidant Hydration Spray and the Sisley’s Botanical D-tox night treatment


NoloMagazine is an online magazine/blog based in the Netherlands.

The thing I love about their website is that you can find short articles in different categories just like fashion, food, interior, travel, art and beauty.

I really like reading everything they put, because you don’t need to spend hours on their website to get up-to-date!

The categories that I prefer are the one about food and the one about beauty! I also like the part about traveling because there you can find stuff that you don’t really expect! It’s really original actually!

In all the categories they use lots of pictures. In general you see more pictures than text, which is good, because to me a picture tells more than a thousand words!

A couple of months ago I participated on one of the giveaways in the ‘win’-category and I won! I was so happy! I received the Jane Iredale’s Balance Antioxidant Hydration Spray and the Sisley’s Botanical D-tox night treatment, worth more than 180 euros, today and I’m surely planning on using them tonight!

Later I will post a review on these products so you can all see how my skin reacts on these new products.

Thank you so much NoloMagazine for this great giveaway! I hope that at least one of your crewmembers is reading this so you can see how thankful I am! 😉 To all my other readers, check out their website and their giveaways! (There is actually one running right now so take your shot:


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