Sightseeing in Sevilla


Since I was done working and I had some days left in Spain, I decided to go for some quick visits in cities I still wanted to see! I went to Sevilla on Friday, Malaga on Saturday and Marbella on Sunday.

In this post I’ll show you some pictures of my quick trip to Sevilla! I’d heart a lot about this city already and I was really curious what made it so special. I loved it since the moment I arrived there. It’s a lot different from Salamanca. The main difference was the use of bikes! The streets are really wide and literally everyone is using a bike rather than a car.

I stayed at the Feeling Sevilla Hostel which I liked! It was not the same style of hostel as the ones I stayed in when I visited Portugal, but it had some huge benefits too! First of all it was on walking distance of the bus station and the second thing I liked was the bathroom. The showers were actually really private and they were like 2 square feet big, so they were really spacious too! The kitchen was also really nice. What I disliked though was that the lady who was at the reception didn’t have maps of the city left and she had no clue where the tourism office was, which I found a bit odd, cause it’s the one thing that all tourists want to know, no?!

The city itself is beautiful! It has really nice buildings, parks and shops. Maybe 1 day was a bit too short for visiting this city, but I think I saw all the main attractions, so I was satisfied!

If you ever decide to go to Sevilla, be sure to visit Plaza de España! It’s the most gorgeous place I’ve visited in Spain until now! I was walking on there for more than an hour!

Enjoy the pictures!


I love the picture on the wall of this resataurant! It’s one of my favourite pictures and I’d love to buy it and to put in my livingroom!


It’s always inspiring to see things like this in the street! Even by looking at the quote and reading take a smile you want to start smiling allready.

DSC_2897 DSC_2904

I was walking in this street  by coincidence! I believe that the beauty of a city is to be found in the streets that are not indicated on the tourist maps! I admire the person who did this. He/she is really creative.

DSC_2907 DSC_2919 DSC_2922 DSC_2925 DSC_2932 DSC_2935 DSC_2952 DSC_2984 DSC_2998 DSC_3007

I included this picture of the tree because I would just love to make a treehouse in it! It is the perfect tree! Imagine you have one like this in your garden?! HEAVEN…

Use of my pictures

2 thoughts on “Sightseeing in Sevilla

  1. KC says:


    My name is KC Owens, I’m a college student and I love to travel! While cruising the Internet, I found your site and really enjoyed reading your posts. I have been to countries all over Europe with just my backpack and a camera. Since I am a college student and I have significant bills, it can be difficult to find ways to travel the world. However, I have done this several times, with less than ten pounds of luggage and while on a college dime!

    I was hoping that you would allow me to write a post for your site to share my tips and tricks with your readers. I put a lot of time into my traveling, it is my biggest passion and I would love to inspire others by sharing my stories, mistakes and triumphs. I look forward to hearing from you!


    KC Owens

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