25 days left

I’m already more than 3 months in Spain, which means that I have less than a month left. I have to work till the 14th of May and after that I have vacation time, which I hope to use for traveling around in Spain. I really want to visit Sevilla and Valencia and maybe I find some beautiful spots in the way where I can take some nice new pictures.

At the moment the weather is really weird in Salamanca. 10 days ago it was 26 degrees and this morning it was snowing. I really feel that soon I’m going to be ill because of those temperature changes (please don’t let me be ill during my vacations!). Now I’m sitting in the living room watching through the window and I can just feel how strong the wind is. It even blows the birds against the direction they want to go!

Something else I hope to do is to keep eating clean! I regularly post pictures of what I eat on my Instagram (Follow me there!). Today I made myself a supergood vegetable meal! I picked out random vegetables at the vegetable shop and if you want to see my dish, check it out on Instagram!

I also hope to complete the full month workout for May of Blogilates, about which I talked in one of my previous posts! Who is with me to change his/her lifestyle to a healthier one?


25 days left

2 thoughts on “25 days left

    • juliecrombe says:

      Hi Anna or Kate (don’t know which one of you sent me this!),
      The thing that sucks with the weather here is that you never know which clothes you have to wear! Sometimes it’s like freezing in the morning and then suddenly it’s more than 20 degrees in the afternoon! 😉 I love your blog btw! You’re so lucky that you could go to the Vogue Festival! How did you get in there? xo

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